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Cognitive resonance

May 8, 2012


Cognitive dissonance is supposed to shake down the too-primitive explanation so that we can build a stronger, further-reaching one. When your current understanding just doesn’t work, it makes you receptive to a deeper explanation. The cognitive dissonance model gives me cognitive dissonance, though. It seems inherently unpleasant. I think there’s another way of shaking up […]

Veggie Tales

May 4, 2012


So. I woke up this morning inspired to add “appeal” to my animation. That would be, to make these numbers and stuff have character and appeal. Except, of course, I don’t have those drawing skills. An hour on google and … hey, if Veggie Tales can give character to vegetables, I can give emotions to […]

De ja vu

May 3, 2012


Once again, I’ve told somebody online with some pretty good procedural math software that there’s a lot of research backing up what my experience tells me: that it would behoove us to develop more instructional materials that … wait for teh really, really complex phrase… …. teach the concepts. And, once again, I get this […]