No cloud for me

Posted on May 25, 2012


Hey hey you you offa my cloud…

Boy, was I happy for 15 hours or so (though most of those were spent sleeping).   You see, adobe’s “creative cloud” license would let me download to two computers. So, AE is now on my netbook for the next 30 days. 

However, it’s not downloadable on a 32 bit computer, and that’s what this is at work and there are no funds for anything.

Now, lots of the other stuff is downloadable, so I’ll have to think on it… but yesterday’s little visit just hammered home the power of that tool.   (It also explains why I couldn’t do the trial of it — of course, it woudl have been nice not to have to bother their chat/support dude to find that out… there could have been a clue somewhere.  Oh, and the tech support guy could have actually read my four sentences instead of asking me for my order number when I was doing a trial and then asking about my error message when I’d already explained there wasn’t one…  the script for when you make a customer repeat something because you coudln’t be bothered to look the first time is “thanks for the confirmation.”)

    Oh, and what he typed was “I’m sorry.   You can install the application.”  They he apologized for his typo…

    time to move forward and … go upstairs 😉

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