Miss Conception

Posted on May 18, 2012


I scooted out into the main lane on my bike, because the bus coming up behind me was going to turn right there and I was going straight — and the fellow waiting at the bus stop mutters “You’re supposed to be in the bike path.” Once I processed that yes, he had said that, at me, I snarked back “Use your head, if you can.” Oops, I had actually intended to cultivate responding sagely, “Think about that!” to anything of that ilk… I *guess* I’m getting closer… ( the bike lane goes to dashes there because I am *supposed* to get out of it if I’m going straight so that I don’t get clipped by cars and busses turning right — and the busses turn right there.)
So I SHOVED that thought to the back of my mind and said, “think about math! think about math!” and came up with my new character, Miss Conception. Um, yes, it has lots of directions 😉 Here’s the take on the poor girl: yes, she’s the wrong idea -0- or, a perfectly good idea, but in the wrong place! I mean, here she is with her lovely sash — and she’s the only one who only has one S in her Mis… but rather than try to ignore her and hope she goes away, let’s recognize her for who she is. She *is*, after all, representing the Kingdom of Concept. (Kingdom? Must think of something less hierarchical ;))
So, let’s allow her to help us get to the right concept: have the option of labeling a wrong choice answer as a “misconception” so we can get to the right path.
But now back to our regularly programmed schedule — to do the paperwork for my AIR.org gig…

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