It’s done!

Posted on May 11, 2012


    I did something I’ve never done before… I answered a few questions on our final and then made up questions that I wanted to answer.   Looking up the techniques and the names of the movies they were in was boring, and I had there in front of me a compilation of everything we’d learned.   So I answered “how will I use this” and then copied my answers into my notebook.   (I did them in a different color than the real answers.)

     I got a 34 on the test — a personal record low on a final, but only by four points  — just as that 38-on-the-final (it was my *very* last undergrad final ever in my life and I was exhausted) did, I went from a low A to a C in the course.   However, I knew what I was doing (only wishing that the fact that the teacher had said “Your name’s the most important thing” and the “100 points” below it meant my name was all that would be graded… it’s been done…) and I *did* think of using kinestasis on a math problem.  As in, if you click for a hint, the part you’re supposed to focus on will light up. (Or even if you take too long to answer ;))

    (and, besides, if I had been graded on my animation skills, C is a much more honest assessment.  I mean,  is not A work…)

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