Veggie Tales

Posted on May 4, 2012


So. I woke up this morning inspired to add “appeal” to my animation. That would be, to make these numbers and stuff have character and appeal. Except, of course, I don’t have those drawing skills.
An hour on google and … hey, if Veggie Tales can give character to vegetables, I can give emotions to numbers. Off we go!
(…and I was pleased last night that one of my “alerts” to Khan Academy was really a whole article about the successful that I’ve been tapping — extolling that radical idea of having an *expert* be a teacher. Go figure!)
Note to self: you can avoid the confusion of “cancelling the fraction and there’s parentheses here” by having students distribute first, creating two ugly fractions… and *then* clearing the fraction by multiplying every term. (Then, after they’ve done that 33 times, introduce the idea that it’ll work for both if you do it first…)

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