Time management

Posted on April 28, 2012


… impossible to tell whether this is wasted time or not, trying to do the non-mathy part of the project. Um, the stoopid simple process for grabbing the important part of the image is still … evading me. So there’s white around my rolling pin.
Still, I think I’m taking advantage of it Being An Image and therefore 2D and so my change from baseball bat (rolling pin) to flat thing might just work without changing images or having to paint mad frames. Back upstairs to do things!
Yes, I *did* get up and out before the marathhon started, grateful that the Xtracycle looks pretty official – not as official as when I wear my Looks Like Authority Yellow Raincoat With Reflective Stripes On THe Shoulder, but enough only to get Looks as I cruised the marathon route just before it started.
1.25 hours more allotted before I need to run errands…

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