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Posted on April 27, 2012


Projects are due next THursday, but then it’s time to plan how to apply skills acquired and resources available to Make Something Amazing Happen.
I ordered “Design for how people LEarn ” because the little cartoons over at are so inspiring.
So much of “content area expert” stuff applies to math teachers. There’s a “most popular post” about the problem of experts wanting to tell you all the exceptions to anything when you’re still at the novice level. There ought to be a law — let people get comfortable with the NORMAL stuff before you start tossing the weird stuff in. So, learn a mess of regular percent problems and then do your “more than 100.”
Why? First, socially speaking, because it’s elitist. The person primed for success analyze why the exception is the exception. The rest of your people? They don’t realize there *is* a general pattern, so they don’t try to understand the exception. It’s filed as “math is confusing! I can’t do it!” Guess which category includes most of your learners?
Secondly (would be first if there weren’t so many people in that confused category): *You* already grasp the “normalcy” part. EIther you were one of those “primed for success” people, or… you had more examples to *give* you time to see them… or, you had a decent teacher who didn’t just teach procedure, but taught the patterns and concepts. It takes time for that, and thinking. Let that stuff sink in before you jump into the exceptions.

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