Watering down…

Posted on April 23, 2012


… So… I perused over to connexions, which I stumbled over on Facebook, so I must have “liked” it, so I got the video with our church choir’s horn player in it, mentioned as an example of somebody who could just plunk out a text, and get a few million hits. Suh-weet 😉 I’m again inspired, motivated…

I clicked on an “Advanced Algebra II” course and found this:

If you are teaching
a Standard or Remedial-level course, these materials will still be useful, but you will probably have to cut or
reduce some of the most conceptual material, and supplement it with more drill-and-practice than I provide.

Let me just *hope* that you mean to spend more time on the basic concepts and more time practicing understanding the basic concepts… not just more drill and practice because you won’t get the concepts, anyway.

Moving right along, I also found a ” Basic Math Textbook for the Community College” — oops, it’s a “nub.” Not. Done. Yet.

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