Design Principles for The Thing.

Posted on April 17, 2012


So I was thinking of the gamification of math, and that a huge honking bonus could be given for shooting *down* the wrong answer – the Primary Misconception answer.
And also of the “visual formula” – an animated icon that can be associated with a kind of math problem that steers you towards the proper concept and procedure.
I had a strange little flashback… to being in the Nissan dealer after my interview at The NEw Community School, picking up my sick truck (I’d had to get a ride to the interview), and the dealer commenting about the look in my eyes (I don’t eve remember what the look was ;)). (That was after wanting to go to an Introvert REcovery Room — I went out and rode the bike hard into 30 mph winds instead at lunch.)
Occurred to me on the ride home that if students have to find this and it’s not part of what the teachers tell them about then … if it works, it’s transferable knowledge, a pretty big honking deal.

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