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That anxiety thing

March 15, 2012


So… today a student was figuring out a problem that included adding 5/8 to a decimal, so she figured she’d change it to a decimal. She divided 5 by 8, and asked me if it was right, because it just didn’t look right. So I told her that it was right, that the 0.625 was […]

It’s a math thing…

March 8, 2012


   Today’s success that I need to take notes about and remember: a woman was *completely* overwhelmed by (a + b)(c+d).       First we did three *pages* of the distributive property of the a(b + c) flavor.   This was absolutely necessary, and may be necessary again, because while she was fine with “b + c […]

auditory animation

March 4, 2012


Next project — to take words and animate t hem in a movie. The unadulterated assignment: find words “important to me.” Speech, poem, advertisement, movie quip, whatever — but at least 15 seconds’ worth. Pick at least three of the actual words to creatively display in said movie. Have the words being said; can be […]

Marching forward

March 1, 2012


Another fun class and it’s launched my feeble brain in yet another direction: sound effects for math lessons. Hmmmm…..


March 1, 2012


     I’ve shared my “background” links to the folks at the conference with the idea of “flipping” my session. Can’t decide whether good time management would mean saving putting things together for spring  “break” (when I am here, but classes aren’t happening, so it’s only the dedicated souls coming in for additional studying…)    looked […]