Posted on March 23, 2012


I did my powerpoint for my presentation… narrated it. Okay, I narrated it twice, since the first time through I forgot to plug the headphones in.
I then went upstairs to dive into my animation project.
Then downstairs to re-record and listen… and know that yea, I really have to do lots of it again…
… then to get on the bike and ride home.
Going through my notes for the animation class, it clocked me like a pillow in a pillowfight. Dude. Why do I love that class so much? One reason is that, looking over the notes, he really is, as he says, trying to teach us to be *animators,* not teaching us how to use After Effects. And every skill we learn is just a little *part* of the context of “you’re communicating, and what are you communicating?”
D’oh! Yet, in my presentation, they are fundamentally separate categories.
Tomorrow will be a busy day. Okay, I’ll try to get in 5o miles on the bicycle… but in between the re-working.