Thinking visually…

Posted on March 18, 2012


… One of my biking buddies has, apparently, seen the Salman Khan TED talk and says that the gist of it is that hey, he’s speaking right over your shoulder and that’s revolutionary.

I suppose that speaking behind your shoulder is fundamentally and profoundly different from being that now-disdained “sage on the stage?”  Might I ask, how?Well, it could be that it *is* fundamentally different if you’re not in a classroom, without a pause button, with all that social stuff getting in the way. (Oops, learning is supposed to be all social and everything, isn’t it? Oh, that’s so 2011!)

The voice on my shoulder telling me two plus two is two… well, yea, I have issues with that, too.

I went back and listened to my Absolute Value video ( ) — yup, it’s a “voice on the shoulder.” had described making pencasts wiht “pause and check” — I like it.


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