I got a badge!

Posted on March 16, 2012


   One of the deans sent me an email this morning with the suggestion that, over spring break, I might want to check out this online thing called the Khan Academy, and she linked to #arithmetic. 

    I sent her back the three line answer (it’s procedural, and he makes sloppy terminology mistakes, and brings in higher level stuff to basic lessons)… but I clicked on the link and on the “multiplication” video, and while it was loading, went back to playing around. (Then I sent her another email about my “project 3” attempt to make something better and about how much fun I am having in 2D animation)… then I clicked back on the lesson and watched a few seconds of it and — I got my first badge!  “Good listener” – 15 minutes on a video!  

    I love the idea.   (I didn’t, however, log in to keep track of it.)  I *do* think this can really empower people and encourage and enable (in the positive sense of the word).  Time to make lessons!

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