auditory animation

Posted on March 4, 2012


Next project — to take words and animate t hem in a movie. The unadulterated assignment: find words “important to me.” Speech, poem, advertisement, movie quip, whatever — but at least 15 seconds’ worth.
Pick at least three of the actual words to creatively display in said movie.
Have the words being said; can be by the original utterer (but can’t have musical background) or by our best radio voices (should I tell them about mine? Not unless I learn to call it up at will… unfortunately my wicked witch of the west is more prevalent ;)) or whatever.

Add instrumental music for background — again, collage style or any way we want.
Add images — think collage for this as well.

My permutation: Read a math lesson… the way most people do it. ( is a real contender. Am I the only person that just wants to throw something when he repeats and repeats and repeats? And *counts* each square?)

Then read it my way, with the words and the images. Connect it to ‘half’ and ‘whole thing’ and ‘most’ and ‘only a little bit’ — the idea that 99 and a half percent is really, really almost the whole thing (even if it “won’t do” ). Think of some interesting “quantity of things” (sludge? chicken feathers? space used up on the sofa? Time of a class?) and how to display 100%, 1 %, 50%, 110%…

The challenge will be to share this in terms of “yes, the videos are peachy and wonderful — but let’s take it to the next level!” (Why do they make me so grumpy?)

And … yea, I still want to figure out some FUN sound effects… the different ways something sounds as it’s filling up — the drip drip drip of the 1 %, the sloshing around… the full and heavy 100% and … the cup overfloweth…

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