Posted on March 1, 2012


     I’ve shared my “background” links to the folks at the conference with the idea of “flipping” my session. Can’t decide whether good time management would mean saving putting things together for spring  “break” (when I am here, but classes aren’t happening, so it’s only the dedicated souls coming in for additional studying…)

   looked at — nroc being the “national repository of online courses moodle page.”   There was much to like — explanations are clear, and there’s review as well as practice.   I really like that the instructor *tells* you the stuff to watch out for, and why… and that some of the questions include the “why” — you can do that with multiple choice.

    It even shows exponents by showing powers of 2 and bacteria growth, as in visual 🙂 🙂

    It has nice examples before it makes you do problems, too 🙂

    It’s still 90% lecture and symbol… but we’re movin’ in the right directions… now, let’s have those examples include the thought process adn finding the “why” while you’re looking at the problem…

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