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gobs, clots and tidal waves

March 28, 2012

0 My 2D animation teacher sent me this link about sine waves to serve as inspiration for my project about percents. 28 minutes long, it is; from a VCR tape from 1992. He included beautiful in his description and … it is. After I saw it, one of my students said I must have had […]

Time to be nervous :)

March 26, 2012


I’m glad to say that I’m officially nervous about my little presentation, and that’s a good thing, because the alternative is simply to procrastinate and mediocritize. We’ll see if the end result is better.Since I have decided to Make The Annotated PowerPoint LIVE… yea, that’s what mildly terrifies me. It’s been encouraging for me to […]


March 23, 2012


I did my powerpoint for my presentation… narrated it. Okay, I narrated it twice, since the first time through I forgot to plug the headphones in. I then went upstairs to dive into my animation project. Then downstairs to re-record and listen… and know that yea, I really have to do lots of it again… […]

March 19, 2012

0 — they’ve got a nice-looking collection of videos. Yes, it’s procedural… but I like the layout — here’s the problem, so you can work on it… and then click any of *four* different icons with solutions, including Spanish. It’s done as professionals would (so 2 + 2 = 4).

Thinking visually…

March 18, 2012


… One of my biking buddies has, apparently, seen the Salman Khan TED talk and says that the gist of it is that hey, he’s speaking right over your shoulder and that’s revolutionary. I suppose that speaking behind your shoulder is fundamentally and profoundly different from being that now-disdained “sage on the stage?”  Might I […]

Maybe not mediocre — how about bad?

March 16, 2012


Okay, I got my badge at Khan Academy. I decided to try to watch the video about multiplication. I watched him write out the word slowly and pronounce it. I listened to him telling me about how he is usually not into memorizing but that it was a good thing to do with your multiplication […]

I got a badge!

March 16, 2012


   One of the deans sent me an email this morning with the suggestion that, over spring break, I might want to check out this online thing called the Khan Academy, and she linked to #arithmetic.      I sent her back the three line answer (it’s procedural, and he makes sloppy terminology mistakes, and brings […]

That anxiety thing

March 15, 2012


So… today a student was figuring out a problem that included adding 5/8 to a decimal, so she figured she’d change it to a decimal. She divided 5 by 8, and asked me if it was right, because it just didn’t look right. So I told her that it was right, that the 0.625 was […]

It’s a math thing…

March 8, 2012


   Today’s success that I need to take notes about and remember: a woman was *completely* overwhelmed by (a + b)(c+d).       First we did three *pages* of the distributive property of the a(b + c) flavor.   This was absolutely necessary, and may be necessary again, because while she was fine with “b + c […]

auditory animation

March 4, 2012


Next project — to take words and animate t hem in a movie. The unadulterated assignment: find words “important to me.” Speech, poem, advertisement, movie quip, whatever — but at least 15 seconds’ worth. Pick at least three of the actual words to creatively display in said movie. Have the words being said; can be […]