Animation influences

Posted on February 28, 2012


We were instructed at the start of my 2D animation course to take heed of the many, many examples of good animation and incorporate them into our contributions. Oft it has been suggested that we’d get better cred if we showed we’d done our historical homework.
Now, I have also noticed that yes, animation is a rather male-dominated industry and that there is an occasional propensity towards the adolescent. Balloons beat up children. Humans turn into vending machines that spit out food prepared to be eaten. Conflict, and violent solutions to those conflicts are extremely common themes. Even “anti-war” contributions are still completely within a context of aggression as the primary way of communicating.
Our last class was completely and delightfully unlike that, but I had one of those “riding home” “inspirations” of sorts… I sit here in the computer lab waiting for After Effects to turn my 300+ images into a “video” (it’s, sigh, about 1/7 of the way done…) … alas, I don’t think “big picture,” so I forgot at the right time just how effective setting a jar of coins on the edge of the book was, with a cough drop in the middle, at creating the image of a book… oh, being a sphincter. Then my little claymation inch-long measuring mounds came out from between the pages… I *think* that without the cough drop and coins the effect is still there; we’ll see at “critique.”
Okay, okay, where’s the math? Welp, the little measuring mounds wrap around the book to show “perimeter,” and then unwrap to arrange on the tape measure. The pencil is in charge of the whole operation (the assignment originally was to have us “breathe life” and personality into an inanimate object).
I had rendered it last night but, alas, forgotten to give it enough time (it actually went past the 30 second default). I worried about my ability to get out of the bed in the morning to get here and do this…(yippee! about 7/24 done!) but as I hit the snooze alarm, the thought occurred to me that an algebra book could, of course, be re-written as a graphic novel.
Snork! I woke up… yea, an animated graphic novel. (So Evelyn says “you were thinking visually!” and I said, “well, not really… yes, I was imagining the graphic novel but the picture in my mind was of outlines of faces – no details – with dialogue balloons… I do *not* think visually naturally…)
… almost almost half way through (it’s 8:38)…

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