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Posted on February 22, 2012


I was asked on FB whether animation was a new career direction.
I love it when writing finds stuff out.

I’d posted the animated movies we’d seen that day, which were, for once, totally different  from “balloons attack!” or “White guys make rude body noises and we all laugh!” To wit: and — a delightful distraction 🙂 Oh, and causing my brain to explode again, realizing that this stuff could be *beautiful.*

My answer:

Sort of. In 19 *** 98 I left the classroom with the idea that I could serve learning better (and never forget my lesson plans :)) by creating educational resources using computers… since there is/was all this unmet potential in using computers for more than “here! now you can read the textbook on a screen!” and “click one of the choices because there are too many right answers so we’ll force you to think our way” exercises. (In 1977 I dropped my computer science major ’cause I knew I was too much of a “people person,” however introverted, to go that route — I’d taught too many people to swim to go back inside…)

Welp, I’m glad to be back *teaching* in a situation where forgetting the lesson plans doesn’t matter, but… geezo, the learning stuff on computers is *****stilll***** reconstituted lecture and textbook.

The absurd irony is that I *love* lecture and textbook; it’s my native mudwallow. When I “draw” it ends up being text and symbols.

The next course in the sequence of “the stuff you take to make computer games” classes was animation…and it is making me ponder. I have long cringed at how postsecondary education, especially at the community college, has tunnelvisioned to “will it get you a job?!?” and … nobody talks about … liberal arts, learning about the world and people who think differently than you.

However, because this is at a community college and not a “Microsoft’s How To Program” deal, I’m getting all this artsy stuff 😛 Today’s was even LIBERAL 😛 Hmmm…. is it this visual stuff where the human voice and heart are still managing to invade and infect droll, dull “skills for employment”?

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