claymation math, here I come!

Posted on February 11, 2012


I have no idea whether this will go anywhere or not, but our next project in my 2D animation class is to make something with pixillation. Instead of *drawing* things in frames and making a digital “flip book” in Flash (where, just as in olden days, I draw the frame a little further along each time to “create” movement), we are to take pictures of things that change from picture to picture, and thus appear to be moving.
Oh, and I get to do something educational. The actual assignment had other structures that would be fun…we were to animate an interaction between human and object(math book :)) … but I will have *much* more fun bringing perimeter to life… or, perhaps the CLoak of Divisibility. must get clay today ;0

And now, to start schooling myself in How To Travel Light To Conferences…

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