Forgot My Magic Pen

Posted on February 2, 2012


picture of square root as division[if you’re trying to find out how to make a square root sign on your computer, duck down to the comments] I left my Echo Pen at home. That’s a bummer because a math teacher and I just colluded and came up with what I suspect will be a nifty way of helping students understand square roots.
We were recognizing that students don’t attribute meaning to the radical square root sign of my cute animation project (which I got an 88% on but is not shareable yet)… and I mentioned that I had sometimes described “square root” as a special kind of division where the answer had to be the same thing as you were dividing by.
So he draws a radical with the 16 inside… and then draws the four and four as if they were the long division problem. ka-ching!
Okay, I’m going to gimpify it, anyway. Image comin’ up!

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