Scraping along…

Posted on January 15, 2012


I gotta say the Google Gargantuan isn’t impressing me these days. There’s just something about a link to an “article” about math anxiety that has big fat google links on top and the barest skeleton of a web page template… oh, and there are three more of the same article with slightly different templates, and if you grab a sentence instead of the title and google, you find somebody’s legit article deep in the webs. is the real thing…
… and there are generally several “new” articles *each day* linking to the forty dollar (except that it’s free if you go to the real site) product to help you with your dyscalculia. And no, there’s no “hey, click here to tell Google somebody’s passing off others’ content as theirs.”
The other trend (no surprise) is that the U.S. has less information about math education than other countries.

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