Sea Monkey stinks

Posted on January 10, 2012


… It will probably suffice for fixing typos (tho’ I’m not sure any more) but… I copy an address and paste that into the “link” (not a relative link), and it just doesn’t work. That exact same pasted address *does* work, actually, pasted into an address bar.
Started my animation class today — probably didn’t make a particularly good impression since I was late back from the ‘break.’ Class looks intense and interesting.
In looking for notebooks to write in (I know I have one more sketchpad rolling around that’s not full of words!), I found the notebook that I was going to organize all that Camtasia stuff in. Had my usual sigh because yes, I had forgotten that I even had such a thing but hey! I don’t need to make it again…
UPdate: yea, SeaMonkey is just flawed. Of its own accord, under “view source” my code is underlined and “linked.” which, of course BREAKS the link because it duplicates most of the address. Dude. I want to TYPE. In. Code.
It is all Steve JObs’ fault. I don’t want a flogging program to “anticipate my needs.” Just let me tell the computer what to do!
SO, now to go *try* to do something so that the flogging program doesn’t “Try to help me.”

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