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Scooping it again ;)

January 29, 2012


Yes, htere’s still a lot of spam (I think the *majority* of which is generated at the $40 version of what you can get for free for learning subitizing) but there are gems among the clutter, including Last week was crazy-hectic but I’ve got my Tuesday project done and handed in… except that yes, […]

cut and paste :)

January 26, 2012


… this is from my “parkland” blog — that I’m going to dedicate to Parkland specific stuff. I think I rather like this activity for REALLY learning slope: – pulling off the getting the watches and the setup ready would be the challenge for moi 🙂 describes discovering that 10% of the students […]

implied motion

January 16, 2012


Links to my pictures for Tuesday, CSC 186: Green Sign Go Monday Night Ride (cues: two wheels and upright, familiar thing that moves, eyes forward and/or on others in scene Step to it! (cues: lack of balance, interaction with others in the image) Hauling Logs (cues: sweat & exertion on faces, imbalance, and presence of […]

Scraping along…

January 15, 2012


I gotta say the Google Gargantuan isn’t impressing me these days. There’s just something about a link to an “article” about math anxiety that has big fat google links on top and the barest skeleton of a web page template… oh, and there are three more of the same article with slightly different templates, and […]

Sea Monkey stinks

January 10, 2012


… It will probably suffice for fixing typos (tho’ I’m not sure any more) but… I copy an address and paste that into the “link” (not a relative link), and it just doesn’t work. That exact same pasted address *does* work, actually, pasted into an address bar. Started my animation class today — probably didn’t […]

Cheating? Homework? the line blurs…

January 6, 2012

0 — an interesting site where you can pay for answers from math books… via credit card, or by providing answers yourself.

Not so savvy here…

January 4, 2012


Call me an idiot, but I can’t figure out how to change what this page has on it — as in, links? I have ever so carefully read all the little THINGS on the dashboard, but none of them will let me put a link to my site on this page. Reckon I’ll just put […]

LIving Math Book LIst

January 4, 2012

0 Mostly kidlet-oriented but this looks like fun. A Place for Zero, indeed 😉

Vi Hart Salman Khan Luvfest

January 4, 2012


Welp, I’m glad I’ve been posting positive things about other people’s math videos. Honestly, I’m not one of those persons who think I know more than anybody else out there. However, my stomach did some flippy floppies listening to this rah-rah video on youtube: They’re joining forces gleefully for the wonderful cause of fighting […]

Back in the saddle :)

January 4, 2012


The bike and work ones that would be. Squared away the details for taking the 2D animation class, which I really, really, really hope will be worth it, especially since it’s not an online course so I have to duck out in the middle of the day — but it’s when my lunchtime was (we […]