math is not a crime

Posted on December 29, 2011


Hacking through cyberspace, I have been. I’ve found “math for grownups” ( ) and “the math mom” (, and “elevated math.” I’m afraid I deposited my apprehensions about the Magic of Flipped Classrooms on that blog, and once again got the feeling of that void between People Who KNow and Love Math and … the humans sitting in math classrooms who don’t have math in their lives.
ON the other hand, I did find some good “concept included” explanations — a neat explanation of what vectors are with animation. (On the third hand, my guys generally never get to vectors. Would you give the same attention to conceptual animation to division? THat’s what we need.)
My favorite find, I think, has been that has videos that talk about real examples of stuff and then ease in that x and y stuff. It’s for middle school but isn’t cute or overly “faux cool.”
… but cool can be cool, too, as was the “Integer Eyes” video reported in the news.
Trying to get too much done but must mention that in that video especially, and in “What’s Math Got To Do WIth It?” by Jo Boaler, yes, *talking about the math* is important. As in, knowing about it in your own language and being able to verbally digest it. Now, if you are really right brained I am sure that level of knowledge can be assimilated without as many words, but it’s the engagement and associating and re-organizing of hte ideas to fit your individual brain that’s what counts, and I think the verbal stuff is too often associated with “memorizing a definition” instead of comprehending the concept. That might be a really good diagnostic, though — if the student is looking for what words to recite or copy, then … we need to back up. In the “Integer Eyes,” the kiddos were talking about integers — and really knew what “additive inverse” meant, in 3-D. “I see a zero… DO YOU???” (okay, )
What I think matters is that they weren’t just singing “zero pair of eyes…” — they’re also using the math words. This reminds me of the Algebra Project’s outline…
… but time to pack for the road trip.
(Oh, yea. It’s a “Math is not a crime” production. )

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