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Posted on December 27, 2011


For a shorter reading, omit the passages in brackets 🙂

(I’ve been trying to keep better track of how I find things. This trail: Find the “tools for understanding” at PUget Sound that purports to integrate technology into math — and emphasizes that it’s *not* a curriculum, not to be used sequentially — as in, it seemeth to me, a ‘hey! what can we do with technology!’ project as opposed to a ‘how can we get technology to do what we need?’ one.
For that curriculum, it mentioned a book from 1996 called “Math in the Mind’s Eye,” but my search from cut and paste of its entire information simply got me links to that reference. So, I took out the publisher’s information and got “Math and the Mind’s Eye,” and the “Math Learning Center.”
Sue’s CONCLUSION: it’s hard to find the gems, though I don’t know if this will be one.) — with a link to wikipedia that has a link to a “how to be a better math tutor,” which includes a quote from 2010 so I suspect the connection to what I was searching for is coincidence.
The opening information isn’t aimed at adults, or specifically people who Have Issues With Math, but it *does* emphasize that issue of dealing with stresses and teaching students how to learn math. Time to read! No… time to go shopping…

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