dyscalculia no more

Posted on December 26, 2011


http://www.unicog.org/main/pages.php?page=NumberRace I found this in my tainted search for things about dyscalculia (discalculia?). First I found a “review” site that was painfully translated and noted that no, this site didn’t actually review products, but did remote statistical analyses and gave a rating based on that, and hey, this one had good numbers so maybe you’d want it. I looked at the page — hey, for 50 bucks you could have it, and it was a nicely laid out site describing the program and how your kiddo would be having fun and learning number sense. It’s practice subitizing — that is, looking at a clump of things and visually grasping how many they are, without counting them. (I’m pretty bad at it, myself — but I count fast!)
Then I found “dyscalculia no more — warning” on another site… also somewhat painfully translated… warning that hey, you could have the program for free from them, since they made it up, but that dyscalculia no more was selling it.
I suppose no good deed goes unpunished. Make something available for free and a con artist will steal it and sell it. Typical con artist thinking would be “hey, they can find it for free if they try — they deserve to be conned!” but if it ain’t yours, you stole it. Nobody deserves to be ripped off, and nobody deserves to be paid for work somebody else did.
It’s also just one more reason not to flat out give things away, on top of “that which has no cost, has no perceived value.”

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