Scraper sites

Posted on December 24, 2011


I can’t think of the phrase without starting to sing “riding on my scraper bike,” a much more charming entity.
I got a reference to my site from and decided to check it out. I used one of my less common email addresses in case it turns out too weird for words.
I can’t tell. I found an excellent website called “Math village” and several other really good resources, but I’m not sure the connection is what led me there.
I do know that many of the links are scraper sites. Some of them are garbled content — the previews don’t make sense, so I don’t even go — and others are “posted today” — and they’re year old newspaper articles with strikingly similar google ads throughout. It’s that “adsense” thing — I’m supposed to get curious and click on ’em, and the guy who’s swiped the content makes his/her dollars that way. I snagged the first sentence of one and googled it and got a much more original looking site with formatting and everything…
SO, I’m not going to go and sign up for real, not yet…

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