Posted on December 23, 2011


WHat with riding home yesterday and it occurring to me (if I remember correctly, from a completely unrelated mind drift) that all this stuff I would *like* to do with the videos such as having choices to make and going someplace differently if you missed a question… could be done on plain, old, everyday web pages with buttons to click. You know, “hypertext” — that amazing concept!
… what with that, I did a teeny tiny bit of browsing (being fundamentally fried — did I mention that this video making shoudl be spread out some but not too much? Though perhaps I just need to get used to it?) and looked at javascript books and found a review grousing about the lack of mnemonics for remembering rules.
*Almost* two aha-d’oh moments in two days (the first being that I could go straight to HTML… no, not straight to h*ll …) — I am duly filing that away.
Tomorrow there’s shopping to be done… and riding… and cooking… but just maybe perhaps some webbification.

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