Posted on December 21, 2011


Welp, it seems that if I’m narrating things, I can’t also have animations that happen in sequence, and I can’t even say “appear five seconds after the slide starts.” I’ll see about making a whole lot of slides… that’s what animation is anyway, right (and might be what the program is doing)?
I overheard a fellow on campus telling his friend he’d finished his Discrete Math final, and that he was one of 3 people who’d taken it, of the 27 who’d started the course. The other 24 had dropped it.
This chipped away further at my previous notion that there were people successfully surfing the math waves presented to them, as I did, because they could keep up; that it was the myriad masses who’d gotten off track who were not benefitting from the more advanced instruction. Now I’m beginning to think that … welp, that instruction is pretty lousy all around… which would help explain the popularity of Salman Khan’s little videos. I dunno. I’m going to focus on what I’m going to focus on…

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