Powerpoint, narrated

Posted on December 20, 2011


Whereas, I submitted a proposal to present about using easy-to-get technology for making math lessons (“TLC on the Beach” — adult literacy — and it was accepted,

I now have to do that. (I haven’t secured the funding for it yet, so it’s still a maybe, but “lead presenters” don’t have to pay for registration and the hotel is ‘way cheaper than a metro area. Here’s hoping.)

To wit: No, I don’t care for Microsoft… but It’s There. My not caring for it shouldn’t keep somebody from learning math because I refused to use a tool that’s available.

I can narrate powerpoint lessons without Camtasia. I’m thinking of doing somethign with and without so’s things can be compared.

HEre are some that I’ve done based on Chapter One of the text we use (Prealgebra, 4th ed., Lial and Hestwood, Pearson) for our Pre-Algebra people.

How do I Find the Place Value of a Digit?
testing, testing…

That works — but it opens as if to be edited, so you’ll have to run the slide show to hear my mellifluous narration.
UPDATE: I just changed the file name to “show” type (*.pps instead of *.pptx) … testing again 🙂
PASS (on second attempt — ppsx didn’t work). Woot.

That tells me, though, that I can open anybody else’s and add narration!

The other rather nifty thing is that if I muck something up (oops, I did… must edit posthaste… brb)
Wow. I can edit on the fly with FileZilla (which is free, by the way).
I can fx the narration for one slide without affecting the narration for the rest of them.
Betteryet, while the default is to move on through the slide show at the narrator’s pace or to jump forward with a fast click, I can unclick the “automatically at :03.34” (that the computer sets, based on how much I talked), so that I can say “do these problems and write down your answers, and then click to see the answers I came up with.”


Second example (hoping to have a dedicated page for these on my site and/or on WordPress by the end of the week… definitely by the end of the year… oh, the ‘you said soon! online’ demons are laughing up their hairy, red sleeves…)

What is a whole number?