PARCC here…

Posted on November 14, 2011


PARCC is the “Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.” It’s essentially the latest Big Movement to Fix Education.

Here’s a pithy quote about it from Catherine Gewertz at Education Week:

In response to another strand of reviewer feedback, PARCC also attempts to offer more specifics to guide creation of math courses at the high school level, an area it admits has been “challenging.” They don’t come right out and say it here, but one of the challenges is political: taking steps toward more specificity while steering clear of dictating curriculum. What PARCC does say is that it tries hard in the revised draft to provide “initial, high-level guidance” about courses without specifying all their contents.

Dudes, that is only one of the challenges. Math education is messed up from the ground up. It’s not in a state of self-correctibility; there have been years and years of blame-shifting and grade-inflating and accountability-removal, and a general attitude that math courses are a painful rite of passage.

My Digital Foundations class is now into the very beginning intro to Maya, and it’s all about Calculus. It’s all about having so many little straight lines that they turn into circles, and integrals and derivatives, and I do thus comprehend how excited the Wolfram types get about visualizing the higher stuff. No, we don’t have to care about that part, but I’m going to have fun making my handlebar light model…

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