Another reason why it works

Posted on November 11, 2011


I’m at my desk; they’re at the table in the lab, talking about how hard math is for them… and then, how now it’s making more sense. Why? Because the regular teachers teach it and then just move on,but here, we go back over it.
Taking notes I am, over here. Yes, it is something I try to do — you don’t just teach the new stuff and assume all the other little steps you have to do are solid. Instead of “Okay, set everything to zero and factor for the answer” and whipping it all to one side of the equation, you take the time to “subtract that from both sides so that it equals zero, and then …” and you give the prompts and reasons for factoring, if need be. Of course, it helps a ton if you’re the one doing homework as opposed to being in class … but including the prompts and reviews in class help an awful lot.

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