Literacy online better than math ?Q?Q?

Posted on November 1, 2011


The opener to this article: I’ve heard a recurring complaint from different school administrators: The quality of literacy software is not as high as that of math.

What ?!?

Oh, yea, math has some concepts but it’s easy to break them out.
Then it says that the software is easier to make because you can just work on multiplication skills and everybody can get better, even if their conceptual grasp varies.

“What’s more, the successful math software can scaffold the process, working on basic skills that lead to conceptualization, whereas in literacy the conceptualization process is immediate. “Anytime you’re starting to read a sentence, you’re already in the world of conceptual understanding,” he says.”

Welp, I would not want to work for this guy. Conceptualization is immediate? Yes, I used to struggle with comprehension materials being primarily “here, practice – if it’s too hard, we’ll give you somethng easier” — but The New Community School folks taught me that yes, you *can* scaffold reading comprehension. ( for just a taste.)

I would want to know where these guys get the idea that students learn math concepts from the software. I haven’t seen any evidence thereof.

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