to the zero power…

Posted on October 27, 2011


when you see x to the zero power, think x/x. (That helps with the problem of “yes, I know you explained it and it made sense then, but it HAS A BIG FAT ZERO in it!”)
Okay, goals short-term: go to the 094 math class and make a list of goals for the rest of the semester.
They shall include:
Peruse the whole website. I just peeked at the philosophy and it goes totally, completely counter to what our recent visitors from the board of higher ed were saying. The visitors said that, regarding math, “fifth grade is the new third grade,” implying (I *think*) that everything will be compressed, compressed. The video is dear to my heart, saying “forget 400 goals, let’s do 30 and do ’em right.” Yes, I weary of cramming students through so many goals they’re still stuck at 2^3 = 6… and every year, we pile more goals on but since you’re behind, we have to start at the beginning, and even though I’m a math teacher I haven’t figured out that if I try to do more in less time I have to move faster, and doing something that didn’t work before, only faster, and with even fewer visual/concrete things because you’re older now, of course! … is likely to give you the idea that you just can’t do math.
Nanowrimo – the novel being the “movie” “Digital Divide.” Plot to be determined, but just as there are “foodie” mystery novels that have recipes entwined, this will be a story with math instruction throughout. Hmmm…. I hadn’t thought of doing it mystery style but I think I want a different formula… but yea, I can find a formula. I’m not ashamed — especially since I happen to know that even if I start out intending to write a plotline parallel to X, my little plotline will wobble and curve. Oops, that’s math 😉
Off to class!@ But yes, I’m also going to polish that poster, which I believe netted me 20/25 points on the midterm (I would imagine the comment will be — good idea, but primitive execution).

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