that mysterious “resistance” to learning

Posted on October 24, 2011


I have often wondered why you can tell a student something and … they just don’t do it.
I hypothesized at some point that one reason is that if what you’re telling them creates cognitive dissonance, andyou don’t resolve it, they fight it.
So, student has just been told by our student worker that yes, yes, really, haven is spelled h-a-v-e-n. She has “heaven” on the paper. I confirm it. She’s still NOT changing it.
I suggest “it looks like have-n, but think about it as ha — ven… raven with an h.”
Ka-ching! She says “Yes!” and types it in.
Sometimes I think the people who get all hung up on the “evils” of the “banking” approach to education don’t realize that yes, sometimes, it’s a good idea to just share what I know. This lady just wants to be able to spell haven, for crying out loud, not spend half an hour “discovering” or “constructing” it in terms of her own culture and ownership model without feeling like my inferior because I just told her because I know. However, the banker types don’t realize that if you Just Throw The Fact Out, it’ll be like that pasta that isn’t quite done, and it isn’t going to stick to the wall.

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