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Divisibility game

October 31, 2011


… so, you have a number before you, and you have to find what it’s divisble by… and when you click the right one, then it splits up into that many groups as you get your points. You can click on “cheat!” and … it will tell you the divisiblity rule (and why, if you […]

Those flipped classrooms

October 28, 2011

0 talks about that ol’ Flipped Classroom again. I do rather notice a theme. It’s really successful in this physics class at the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology… and they note Salman Khan, “a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate who was looking for a way to help his young relatives with their homework.” […]

dreambox continued

October 27, 2011


Seems they *might* have something similar to my “put the numbers together” game — “Build up to 50 Optimally: Students build and identify numbers from static and flashed sets of 1 to 50 objects, using the least number of mouse clicks.” (Then the same for bigger numbers.) They’ve got this one for second grade: Add […]

to the zero power…

October 27, 2011


when you see x to the zero power, think x/x. (That helps with the problem of “yes, I know you explained it and it made sense then, but it HAS A BIG FAT ZERO in it!”) Okay, goals short-term: go to the 094 math class and make a list of goals for the rest of […]

that mysterious “resistance” to learning

October 24, 2011


I have often wondered why you can tell a student something and … they just don’t do it. I hypothesized at some point that one reason is that if what you’re telling them creates cognitive dissonance, andyou don’t resolve it, they fight it. So, student has just been told by our student worker that yes, […]

Math Shouldn’t Hurt

October 23, 2011


I really was all set to do the “minimalist ad” part of my Digital Foundations course (uber-newbie Gimp effort) on the Bicycle, having a Sturmey-Archer generator wheel running over a malformed gas tank… maybe running over a million SUVs… but then I got home and there was a fundraiser letter from The New Community School […]

bejeweled cuisinaire

October 21, 2011


Here’s the game: just as with bejeweled blitz you line up things and they merge and give you magic points, your job is to grab two of the properly color-coded virtual rectangular solids … that addup to, oh, 5. First time out they all add up to 5 and that is the whole game. Then […]

more gamification

October 19, 2011

0 More on making learning into a game — with some of the structural elements, thank you 🙂 To wit: Collect Quest Goal is to collect/harvest x resources. Puzzle Quest Goal is to solve a problem (might also be called a Code Cracker Quest). Share Quest Goal is to share x resources. Drama Quest Goal […]

Oh, that character building :)

October 19, 2011


My midterm for CSC 179 is due Saturday. It’s a performance test — a few “answer the question in your own words; don’t cut and paste from Wikipedia please!” questions, and then things like “make a minimalist advertisement like this one for something.” I like that I get to build in the extra time this […]

like a back float

October 15, 2011


One of my favorite parts of teaching beginning swimming was teaching the back float. Back floats are really, really scary and one of the things that keeps people from getting to Advanced Beginner. They can do everything but the back float. (Can you see the connection to math yet?) And… if you’re scared, you tense […]