First reviews in…

Posted on September 15, 2011


… I showed one of the videos to a math class. SOme of ’em thought there were too many sound effects đŸ˜‰ That would be the exploding noises I made when positive and negative canceled each other out… and after the singing, during which I blushed, I was asked if I were the narrator…
Basically it got good results, though… and I think the number line would be even better received since it’s more familiar and is what’s presented in class.
The other lesson: wow, do I strongly prefer having the movie rolling over trying to talk to a group. It’s not that I get nervous — almost the opposite. There is just too much happening at once. I am linear, linear, linear and can’t shift from those words and symbols to looking at the class. It might be learnable — or it might be like unto trying to sing and play chordso n the guitar at the same time, which I worked arduously at for three years and … it was a yoga pose that never happened.
THEREFORE! Miss Jones is going to *record* her fractions thingy for Tuesday.