Garage syndrome

Posted on August 11, 2011


That’s when you know a chunk of software was done by Not Too Many People.
I guess I am just supposed to INFER COSMICALLY how to add audio on top of my camtasia, which I recorded without the mic working, but didn’t discover ’til after it was produced. Well, I should be able to edit, and there are references to precisely how to make sure your voice overs are the best they can be… btu no, zero zip nada clue about, um, how to record them. Like, how to hit “record” and have your voice go over the movie clip.

So — DO OVER!!!
Oh, that 45 minutes typing in those quizzes — DO OVER!!! you can’t copy and paste with this stuff. You can’t put quizzes into the library. Or, if you can, there’s no clue how to.

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