Visuals, Visuals!!

Posted on July 21, 2011


So… I’m thinking about visuals – not really all the way, since it’s still how I’m visually displaying symbols and icons, not concrete real STUFF… but give me time!
I’m going to do a separate “what’s a number sentence all about” unit and more fully develop that concept. My thinking is that if somebody leaps into my little mini-curriculum, they should be able to view and review some of the ‘language of math’ units *wherever* they are. If I had a million years, I could then have little sidecars that connected said “language of math” to the particular unit you came there from.
Oh, was I going to show you some visuals?

Equal Sized Black DIshes under Sides of Equations
Clouds On Both Sides O fEqualSIgns
Clouds on Both Sides of Equals Signs... Equations and Icons

What do you think of these options for adding a bit of “hey, the equals sign is no longer the Door To THe Answer — it’s a divider of expressions (or names of things) of equal value (worth the same amount). “?

Obviously the cup versions of things could also be done with both the icons and the numbers.

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