It’s Friday/THursday!

Posted on July 14, 2011


Another 3-day weekend comin’ up…

So…. I did get a no-known-fatal-flaws file done… not uploaded yet.   Definitely flawed — teh silly highlighted cursor needs to be figured out. I do want it for some of it… not all… as shown in the video.

(Oh, and I am hoping that it doesn’t count each log-on as a day… erp, unless it does, in which case, I *shall* find a way to Stay Logged On ’til I Get The Paid For Real Version.)

But then I am thinking of fifty-seven more visuals and wishing I knew somebody who liked doing visuals. Oh, well, until I do, it’s in my side of the court and I just have to runa round fast enough to lob the ball back at myself 😉

Posted in: Camtasia, math