End of semester…

Posted on May 4, 2011


… so, yes, there is that small contingent of students who, for instance, come in looking for all the supplies necessary to put together a project …. no, I don’t carry arts and crafts supplies… and I stop my assuming self and ask “when is it due?” and get, sadly, the anticipated mumbled “today.”

Fail forward, good people.   I am doing my best to convey “I am disappointed — you can do better, so let’s figure out how!” as opposed to “I’m disappointed, you loser who doesn’t belong in college,” but I know that perceptions can go through a strongly negative filter.

There’s also the other contingent — the students coming in to say they’ve gotten accepted into the U of I Librarian’s school  🙂 🙂 … and the student who groggily completed those last four online thingies that’ he’d spent all night plowing through — but seemed to have learned it!  (Of course, one thing we learned is “when you’re not sure, give the longest answer.” )

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