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Kill the calculus requirement

May 17, 2011

0  These guys wrote a book and talked to a whole lot of mathematicians; I am reasonably sure these guys would be gobsmacked if they found out what people *aren’t* learning in elementary.   I’m not sure I agree that we want “talented mathematicians” teaching elementary school math.   Okay, I”m reasonably certain that I vehemently disagree, […]

End of semester…

May 4, 2011


… so, yes, there is that small contingent of students who, for instance, come in looking for all the supplies necessary to put together a project …. no, I don’t carry arts and crafts supplies… and I stop my assuming self and ask “when is it due?” and get, sadly, the anticipated mumbled “today.” Fail […]

Negative integers

May 2, 2011


So I’m reading this pretty neat blog over at  and it states that teachers are fond of introducing integers with a number line, but then when you get to subtracting negatives, they resort to “well, here’s the rule,” and I have witnessed this rather often myself.   It talks about the cognitive overload involved […]