Stupid Webmastress tricks

Posted on April 21, 2011


Link to your own blog on your own website… update said blog frequently for all those reasons… but *don’t* update the link even when you change to wordpress, and leave up the thing that says your last post was 8/29.

Duck! I’m throwing tomatoes at myself and I’ll probably miss!

Spent a minute blip of time looking at _Learning ActionScript 3.0_ — the “says it’s for beginners but it’s not” one.  It’s got “if” statements… and then “switch” statements which are new.   Assignment to self: think of ways to use it. To wit:

DIagnostics — switch (a) {

case 36

trace(“hooray! You’re right!”);

case 30
trace(“six times five is 30. six times six is 36.”)

if a != 36
wrong += wrong (or whatever it is you do to add one)

and then

at the end, if wrong >= 3 do something… or make it a switcheroonie…

Now to read about Loopydoopies.

…. and everythig like that….

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