“education bubble?”

Posted on April 19, 2011


Saw two separate references to this yesterday.   Googled it and wonder where I’ve been.   Hmmm….




On a smaller scale, I learned again that good things happen when you least expect it — and that yes, sometimes being “disappointed, I expected more” is a good message to send.  (Sometimes it says “I knew you couldn’t do it.” That’s a bad thing.)  The student   asked for help.  Which was the main point of the passage?  We discussed … at length… and she says “oh, I’ll just guess. I’mtired.”   Guessed wrong. 40% on that exercise.  I made a dry comment and walked away.

Little bit later, she calls me over again…. “I want you to see something.”   She’d moved to the test… and passed it. “I wanted you to see that I was trying now.”

Today, she came in and scored 100% on the practice exercise and 88% on the test.   I asked her what teh difference was. … “Sitting and concentrating and giving myself credit” an d not saying “I can’t do it.””

Can I put that in a bottle and administer it to those who need it? Please?

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