Happy birthday…

Posted on April 17, 2011


… I can’t call you, ’cause you’re far beyond my cell phone range, brother Mike, but I do remember this would have been your 57th birthday had the blizzards of 2010 not buried you.

Site of the day… from my bookmark list… http://maclife.mcmaster.ca/academicskills/online_resources.cfm (so’s I can remember to scope this out MOnday at work)

First taxes, then if I have time, a spot of flogging around wiht actionscript… but duly noting that a ten minute surf reveals that yes, I probably **can** do this totally texty stuff with plain ol’ JavaScript, and I *should* probably re-work what I’ve got to have some random generation.   Hmmm…. that may be the way to go to Have Something while Learning Something.

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