Next book…

Posted on April 16, 2011


So I’ve gotten the “beginner’s” actionscript3 book that the reviewers say isn’t for beginners.  Here’s my hope:   that I’m not *really* a beginner even if I”m not coming to it from anything of this era at all, and that the fact that he’s leaving OOP out of it means I’ll grok better.   Online communities have all been dead ends or slapdown specials.   I do not need to be told to go read a book (and, of course, without recommending a book) or click “help” in the program.

… and in the meantime I’m going to try to make the negative/positive integer presentation into powerpoint… and maybe some animation with the “crash and cancel” concept. I am not sure whether to keep it as simple as I kept the presentation — instead of “three ways to understand integers” I focused hard on one and just skated over the second and ignored the third.

What I did learn was that it seemed to really help to spend time focusing on “the basics” of something that at least half of these people actually had a reasonably good handle on.   It confirmed loudly and clearly that students get facile with procedures without nailing down the concepts… *and* that coming from that facility to revisit the abstractions is perhaps, for some, the only way they’re going to really get the concept.

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