Successful negativity

Posted on April 14, 2011


Did the second (repeat) presentation on negative numbers today.   Pros:   just doing adding and subtracting.   Orton-GIllingham is right — when it’s a problem area, don’t put the confusing stuff togehter.Other smart thing (I think):   *not* showing three ways to do it (e.g., both “moving” on the number line and the “diffference” on the number line, tho’ I think the convlicts there could be ameliorated by doing the ‘difference’ vertically).

Idea:   send mail/email out to 094 students.   Have this online (and the exciting video o subtracting.  My f key has food under it so some o them are missing 🙂 … (just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

Have this negativity lesson online — and build in optional redundancy for those who would benefit therefrom.   Let ’em visit and get that part down…. just this part.   NOT even the multiplying and division.   Then an intro fractions unit too.

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