Communication FAIL

Posted on April 9, 2011


I hang out a lot at cycling forums…,… and I know that it takes patience to deal with newbies sometimes, because they don’t even know the language.   I also know forums I avoid because the community is pretty snooty.   I remember a yahoo group purporting to be about bicycle advocacy that was really six guys who simply had the same argumetns with each other ad infinitum.

Seems the folks at went to the same school of clannery.   My first post was ignored; I’m pretty sure I tried rephrasing the question and it was ignored, too.  So, I made so bold as to say “can actionscript *do* this?”   and described what I’m trying to do.

I got replies!

A “main moderator” said “yes! Of course! That’s what Actionscript is all about!”

Now, I’ad already stated that I had thought it was, but was unable to answer my question about timeline action vs. in the .as file… and f course, that moderator couldn’t be bothered to answer any of that.   I replied to that effect.

I have been put in my place.   One reply was that cute camtasia-esque “let me show you how to google that!”  and another was that gosh, it’s a fact we have to do some work and I should click “help” and find the books — yes, I had mentioned that I have been searching the internet and been using books, but I’ll bet these guys were taught ‘constructively” — you make up your own meaning.   I hoped I’d just ferreted out the jerks (one of ’em had a whole 13 posts — wonder how many of them were snubs) and that somebody who actually knew some actionscript would come along, but the “best” I got was somebody saying gosh, first I had to learn to do buttons; I was trying to run before I could walk, and then I should learn how to make them work with graphics.

Welp, I explained that yes, I’ve done buttons … and had been asking for help wiht how they worked with graphics since post 1 but that clearly it was more important for them to get that good feeling of putting me in my place…

… so… I’m going to focus on my negative integer presentation for the next few days, and perhaps switch to Visual Basic because I may have help with that. Then I might have enough general knowledge to try again — or it could be that there’s something better out there (HTML5?)