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April 29, 2011


I fully understand why this so-called “beginner’s” book isn’t. I love the “why and how” explanations of all kinds of methods and functions, but … guess what?  I dont’ *already* know the backbone stuff to put that into a program that works because, guess what? I’m a BEGINNER.   You know, like what the book *says* […]


April 25, 2011


So the student is wondering what in the world “cardstock” means. It’s explained to her — thick paper.   However, when I add that “stock means it’s what you have, to use — and the card part means it’s thick enough to make a card out of…”   a connection is made.   Now it’s not just One […]

Stupid Webmastress tricks

April 21, 2011


Link to your own blog on your own website… update said blog frequently for all those reasons… but *don’t* update the link even when you change to wordpress, and leave up the thing that says your last post was 8/29. Duck! I’m throwing tomatoes at myself and I’ll probably miss! Spent a minute blip of […]

“education bubble?”

April 19, 2011


Saw two separate references to this yesterday.   Googled it and wonder where I’ve been.   Hmmm…. On a smaller scale, I learned again that good things happen when you least expect it — and that yes, sometimes being “disappointed, I expected more” is a good message to send.  (Sometimes it says “I knew […]

Happy birthday…

April 17, 2011


… I can’t call you, ’cause you’re far beyond my cell phone range, brother Mike, but I do remember this would have been your 57th birthday had the blizzards of 2010 not buried you. Site of the day… from my bookmark list… (so’s I can remember to scope this out MOnday at work) First […]

Next book…

April 16, 2011


So I’ve gotten the “beginner’s” actionscript3 book that the reviewers say isn’t for beginners.  Here’s my hope:   that I’m not *really* a beginner even if I”m not coming to it from anything of this era at all, and that the fact that he’s leaving OOP out of it means I’ll grok better.   Online communities have […]

Successful negativity

April 14, 2011


Did the second (repeat) presentation on negative numbers today.   Pros:   just doing adding and subtracting.   Orton-GIllingham is right — when it’s a problem area, don’t put the confusing stuff togehter.Other smart thing (I think):   *not* showing three ways to do it (e.g., both “moving” on the number line and the “diffference” on the number line, […]


April 12, 2011


… oops, all from the same pair of doesn’t-look-like-a-real-name site, but hey, at least the spambots seem to be finding me! First presentation today.    It succeeded in what it was supposed to do.   However, it is utterly, completely, NOT ready for … even late night infomercial, much less prime time.   My thinking right now is:   […]

Communication FAIL

April 9, 2011


I hang out a lot at cycling forums…,… and I know that it takes patience to deal with newbies sometimes, because they don’t even know the language.   I also know forums I avoid because the community is pretty snooty.   I remember a yahoo group purporting to be about bicycle advocacy that was […]

Today’s moment

April 5, 2011


… when the student stopped me in the hall to inquire as to whether a rainbow was analogous to the parabolas he was learning about… no, they’re circular; the arc of a ball tossed in the air would be parabolic (and I reckon tomorrow I’ll use some computer cable to show dangling cords ;)).   It’s […]