Posted on March 26, 2011


I think I would do better to just go out and ride all day. Time just oozes by and I haven’t learned a thing in weeks, so I know less because at least then I was going through the game in the book… but I’m not sure I can apply even one single solitary thing, since I have never made anything actually work.
I’ve posted on forums that have action — which of course aggravates the angst because I don’t understand a word they’re sayin’ to each other, and my question is clearly too basic to even deserve a reply.
I’m remembering all those fun vocab exercises that haven’t gone anywhere either, and all the other attempts that haven’t gone anywhere.
Back to it.    Repeating a chunk of movie should be four clicks.   Maybe 8.   But I’ll just go do it by hand.   Because it’s fun.   Maybe I’ll go generate an endorphin or two first…

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